HDR blend, f6.3, iso 50

Getting there

The Arch is a natural sandstone arch about a 10-minute drive from Port Campbell in South Western Victoria. Once you arrive at the car park you will take a short walk to the 2 viewing platforms.

Best times for photography

The rising sun comes up behind the arch so a morning shot is best. The lower platform offers a better view. In my opinion, both views are 5/10 at best. I drove here one early summer morning hoping to capture the sun rising through the arch, only to be disappointed that the viewing platforms are too high for decent photography compositions. Normally I would traverse the surrounding landscape in order to capture the best composition, but in this case, the risks of death via slipping into the ocean 50 ft below are very high.

*Bonus tip. Don’t waste your time with this one, try Loch Ard Gorge at sunset or the surrounding cliffs instead.