Stevensons Falls
Stevensons Falls

Getting there

Stevenson’s Falls is about a 30-minute walk from the Stevensons Falls campground in South Western Victoria. There’s a car park and drop toilets upon arrival. There are plenty of camping spots for overnight stays, but it can get busy. The walk to the falls is easy but there is a bridge that is prone to flooding so check with the Parks Victoria website for closure notices before you go.

* Bonus tip. There is a meadow with Californian Redwood trees along the walk, this would photograph well in misty moody conditions.

Best times for photography

The falls face the South East they work best with evening light behind them, otherwise, you will have to crop out the overexposed and uninteresting evening sky. These falls can be packed with tourists in the evening too so get there early enough to secure your tripod location.

*Bonus tip. Go about 4 days after strong rains so the falls are full of water.