Photoshop Actions Pack

AUD $9.99 Inc GST

Included in this photoshop actions pack…

  1. Sun flare
  2. Dramatic black and white conversion
  3. Film noise
  4. Frequency separation for portraits
  5. Merge all layers & add camera raw filter
  6. Create dodge and burn layers
  7. Orton blur effect
  8. Easy Milky Way edit
  9. Luminosity Masks via Curves Layers

& Installation instructions


Unlock your creativity

The current version is V1.6
If you’d like to update to the latest version please login to your account on my website and click on the downloads link in your dashboard.

Sun/Lens flare

Puts a sun flare on a non destructive layer with adjustable flare type, color hue and blur.

Video Tutorial

Film noise

Give your images that old-style film look. Simply play with the sliders to add more grain.

Video Tutorial

Frequency separation for portraits

This action makes retouching a breeze. You portraits will look professionally retouched in minutes.

Video Tutorial

Merge all layers below & add a camera raw filter

When you need to do final edits to your layer stack this action saves you time.

Camera Raw Photoshop Action

Create dodge and burn layers

Great for editing landscapes and portraits.

Video Tutorial

Create the Orton blur effect.

This effect gives your images that ethereal painterly look.

Video Tutorial

Easy Milky Way edit.

Get the most out of your Milky way photos by stretching the contrast and the colors within this easy action.

Video Tutorial

Luminosity Masks via curves

An alternate and maybe more flexible way to select and correct the tones in your images.

Video Tutorial


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