Getting there

The town of Macedon is a 45 minute drive up the Calder Highway from Melbourne.

It’s an easy relaxing drive making this one of the more popular photography locations around Melbourne.

Best times for photography

The best season for photography is Autumn. Just around Easter time will be the best opportunity for photography. But be warned, every other photographer in Melbourne will be up there on Easter weekend. Also, you will have busloads of tourists arriving for day trips. So you can forget about setting up your tripod in the middle of the avenue of Honor to capture that iconic shot of the Autumn leaves.

I was there 1 hour before sunrise, on a Friday, the week before Easter and I still had other photographers on the road interrupting my composition. I have heard horror stories of traffic banked up for 10 kilometres trying to enter the town.

Another tip. If you’re there for the day take your own food as there is only 1 small bakery in town and it can be super busy on a sunny day.