3-8 APRIL 2022

The Balconies, Grampians f2.8, iso 1600, 1/125 sec

This workshop requires a minimum of 4 people to proceed. In the event that we do not meet this number, your deposit will be returned to you in full prior to the workshop start date.

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The Grampians National Park in Western Victoria is possibly the most versatile landscape photography location in Victoria. The wide variety of landscapes on offer are dramatic waterfalls, foggy valleys, steep sandstone cliffs, sweeping vistas and more.

I Will Faulkner, will be serving as both instructor and guide as I have photographed the landscape extensively and know all the best photography positions.

Halls Gap from Boroka Lookout, composition of a fast foreground frame and slow background frame.


Day 1: Arrival Day

Everyone meeting at Flinders street station at 8.00 am Day 1. This will be our orientation and meet and greet day. We will travel to our accommodation, check-in and relax for the afternoon. From there we grab some early dinner at a restaurant in Halls Gap.  In the evening well before twilight, we head up to the Balconies lookout to shoot the sunset.

Day 2: Boroka Lookout

We rise early to catch the morning light from Boroka lookout. This is an epic view facing the morning sun. The drive up is about 30 minutes from base camp and there is no walking to access the photography location. This is a nice easy way to ease into the workshop.

After the good light has passed it’s back to base camp for breakfast then into a group post-processing session. Fill your day exploring halls gap, doing some hikes or come with the group as we head out for an afternoon dip at Lake Bellfield. We close the day with dinner in a local restaurant then an early night to prepare for tomorrow.

Day 3: Mackenzie Falls

We rise early (and I mean early) to take the 45-minute drive to Mackenzie falls. This dramatic waterfall is the largest in the region and photographs best with the morning light behind it. The trek down is smooth and paved but does involve 260 stairs each way and a tight passage towards the bottom.

After the good light has passed it’s back to base camp for breakfast then into a group post-processing session. Fill your day either vising the Halls Gap zoo, hire an electric bike or come with the group as we head out for an afternoon dip at Lake Fyans. We close the day with dinner in a local restaurant then an early night to prepare for tomorrow.

Day 4: Mount Abrupt

We rise early to head up to the summit of Mt Abrupt. The views looking back along the range are just sensational. This trek is steep and not for the faint-hearted, but the rewards when you arrive are something else. Break out your 70-200 mm lens for this one, it may just be your best photo from the workshop. After the good light has passed we head back to base camp for breakfast. Then we hit a post-processing session.

Day 5: Mount William

We rise early to photograph the best view in all the area. The dramatic views from Mount William. See the sweeping panoramic views of the east facing range of the Grampians come into the morning light. I also take you to my “secret spot” that has I think is the best photography location of them all.

After the good light has passed we head back to our accommodation to have some breakfast and a post-processing session. From there we pack up, checkout and drive back to Flinders street station in Melbourne city.

The view from Mount William f14, iso 50, 1/6 sec, panoramic stich.


  • Accommodation – 4 nights of lodging – Each person will have their own room. We will either rent a house or multiple cabins.
  • Transportation – All transportation during the workshop, (as well as to and from Flinders Street station). We will have a 4WD vehicle or a minivan.
  • Breakfast in our accommodation and a restaurant dinner in Halls gap every day.
  • Instruction – I will be working with each attendee, making sure they are not only going home with photos they are proud of, but are learning and growing during the trip.
  • Small Groups – On this workshop, we will have an instructor to attendee ratio of 4-1. Giving each person plenty of 1 on time, and elbow room to work and be creative.

  • Post-processing sessions – We will have multiple post-processing sessions where we can sit down both as a group, and individually and show our workflows, work on your own images, and share images from the trip.


  • Lunch
  • Alcohol
  • Travel or injury insurance
Purple Rain (Mackenzie Falls) f5.0, iso 50, 1.6 sec, panorama stitch


From a photography skill level point of view, everyone is welcome!  There is no need to be an advanced photographer by any means. From a physical standpoint, there will be a bit of hiking on this trip. Hikes reach anywhere from short yet steep hikes to around 5 km round trip trail hikes. The trails can be uneven and wet in some places. For this reason, those with heart issues, knee or leg issues, or any other problems that prohibit longer hike ability, will have a difficult time with this workshop.

Please mention upon booking if you have any dietary requirements.


Recommended are the following:

  • A tripod.
  • A mirrorless or DSLR style camera.
  • A wide-angle lens like a 16-35mm.
  • A zoom lens like a 24-70mm or 70-200mm.
  • A CPL filter.
  • An ND filter.
  • A backpack to put your gear in for the hikes.
  • Water bottle and snacks.
  • Clothes for the season, a warm jacket and a rain jacket.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Travel insurance.

As we all have to travel in one vehicle please try to limit your bags to 1 camera bag and 1 luggage bag.

Grampians Photography Workshop


Before the workshop begins, we’ll start a new Facebook group just for attendees. You’ll meet everyone in the group (virtually) before we leave and be able to ask questions and prepare.

During this trip we will be photographing epic panoramas, plunging waterfalls, sweeping vistas and much more.

Weather will play a large role in this workshop. We will be monitoring weather patterns closely, which will have a large impact on each days Itinerary.  For that reason our itinerary will be very flexible, giving us the best possible situation for going home with the best images possible.

This is not a lazy vacation. This is serious, sleep-when-you’re-dead style photography.  We will be shooting during the extended hours of the late evening and early morning.

Each day is different. If we are given dramatic storm clouds, our shooting hours can be greatly extended through the day. Also know that the Grampians are known for their unpredictable and often extreme weather conditions. We should be ready for and can expect to have some stormy weather during our trip.


By attending this workshop, you agree to hold Will Faulkner harmless for all personal injury or loss that may occur during or in connection with this trip. You are responsible for your safety as you move about the Grampians. Do not push your physical abilities past what you are healthy enough to do. You are in charge of deciding if a location is safe for you to travel to.

Should the Instructor Will Faulkner become ill, injured, or otherwise unable to perform his duties at the workshop, a replacement will be provided to lead the workshop.

Travel insurance, as well as insurance for your photo gear, are both highly recommended.  All it takes is one random accident to ruin your day or even trip, so insurance while shooting is highly recommended.

Will Faulkner’s role in this workshop is to teach photography and guide you to great locations. You are responsible for your safety. Will Faulkner makes no effort to vet the other attendees of the trip and you need to make sure you are safe in their companionship.

In the event of extraordinary events, governmental instability, extreme weather, or other condition, Will Faulkner reserves the right to cancel this trip and return all workshop fees to participants.


You are welcome to a full refund of any money paid up until 1 month before the workshop start date. After that date your deposit is non refundable. If the minimum numbers for each workshop are not met your deposit or full payment will be refunded in full no later than 2 weeks before the workshop start date.