The best photography locations in Victoria

My list of the best photography locations in Victoria.

Here is my list of the best photography locations in Victoria, Australia.

Reach out via email or social media if you would like to suggest a location for this list.

Buckley Falls, Geelong

Cathedral, Mt Buffalo

Clifton Springs Pier, Melbourne

Craigs Hut, Mount Buller

Gibson Steps, Port Campbell

Grampians National Park

Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell

The Pinnacles, Philip Island

Point Nepean

Princes Pier, Port Melbourne

Stevenson's Falls, Marysville

Trentham Falls, Coliban River

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Wilsons Promontory

My free photoshop actions pack

Please enjoy my free Photoshop actions pack.
I am constantly adding to this pack.
If you’d like the latest version simply click the download button below.

Included in this free photoshop actions pack;

  1. Sun flare
  2. Dramatic black and white conversion
  3. Film noise
  4. Frequency separation for portraits
  5. Merge all layers & add camera raw filter
  6. Create dodge and burn layers

Sun flare

Puts a sun flare on a non destructive layer with adjustable flare type, color hue and blur.

Dramatic Black and White conversion

Create beautiful dramatic black and white images in one click. Much better than the PS auto B&W method.

Film noise

Give your images that old-style film look. Simply play with the sliders to add more grain.

Frequency separation for portraits

This action makes retouching a breeze. You portraits will look professionally retouched in minutes.

Merge all layers below & add a camera raw filter

When you need to do final edits to your layer stack this action saves you time.

Create dodge and burn layers

Great for editing landscapes and portraits.

The best photography locations in Melbourne

The best photography locations in Melbourne

My list of the best photography locations in Melbourne.

It’s been my pleasure to photograph these locations many times over. Most of these images feature in my Melbourne coffee table book.
Reach out via email or social media if you would like to suggest a location for this list.

Acland Street, St Kilda

Albert Park Lake, Albert Park

Birrarung Marr, Melbourne

Brighton Bathing Boxes, Brighton

Campbell's Arcade, Melbourne

Chinatown, Melbourne

Coop's Shot Tower, Melbourne

Enterprize Park, Melbourne

Fed Square, Melbourne

Ferguson St Pier, Williamstown

Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne

Hardware Lane, Melbourne

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Manchester Unity Building, Melbourne

GPO Building, Melbourne

Morell Bridge, South Yarra

Ponyfish Island, Melbourne

Princes Pier, Port Melbourne

Royal Arcade, Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens, South Yarra

Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton

Sandridge Bridge, Melbourne

Seafarers Bridge, Melbourne

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

St Kilda Pier, St Kilda

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne

St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne

State Library Victoria, Melbourne

The best photography locations in the world

My list of the best photography locations in the world.

My dream is to be able to photograph all these magnificent locations in my lifetime.
Reach out via email or social media if you would like to suggest a location for this list.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Antelope Canyon, USA

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Cancún Underwater Museum, Mexico

Cape Pillar, Tasmania

Cinque Terre, Italy

Day of the Dead, Mexico

Dubai, UAE

Easter Island, Chile

Fairbanks, Alaska

Fingal's Cave, Scotland

Grand Canyon, USA

Hallstatt, Austria

Havana, Cuba

Holi festival, India

Horseshoe Bend, USA

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

Kyoto, Japan

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Como, Italy

Machu Picchu, Peru

Marina Bay, Singapore

Meteora, Greece

Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Mount Fuji, Japan

New York, USA

Old Bagan, Myanmar

Pantheon, Italy

Paris, France

Paro Taktsang, Bhutan

Rainbow mountains, Peru

Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia

Reed Flute Cave, China

Rome, Italy

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Shibuya Crossing, Japan

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Stockholm Underground, Sweden

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

The Bungle Bungles, Australia

The Faroe Islands, Denmark

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

The Matterhorn, Italy

Petra, Jordan

The Pinnacles, Australia

Thera, Greece

Tikal, Guatemala

Torres del Paine, Chile

Tuscany, Italy

Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia

Valensole, France

Vatnajokull, Iceland

Venice, Italy

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Zion National Park, USA

10 Tips for photographing south east Asia

In this video I share with you my 10 tips for photographing south-east Asia.

  1. Respect the culture.
  2. Learn the language.
  3. Hire a translator.
  4. If you take something give something back.
  5. Live for the images.
  6. Step outside your comfort zone.
  7. Carry a card with all your social handles.
  8. Don’t photograph children.
  9. Don’t photograph politics.
  10. Have insurance.


Masked portraits of humans during the Corona Virus pandemic.

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My favourite photography gear

Like many photographers, the stash of gear in my house is forever growing. I won’t waste your time and mine by listing everything that I own but I will share with you the items that I use every day and couldn’t live without.

Here’s a list of my favourite photography gear and why I love each item.

Canon 5d Mark 3

Why I love it…

This is my workhorse. Sure it’s a bit outdated now and I could walk into a camera shop and by something with more megapixels at half the size. But this old girl has never let me down. She just keeps working day in and day out. It is bulky and heavy and does wear on your shoulder particularly when attaching the 70-200 mm lens which weighs in at another 1kg just on it’s own. But the bottom line is that it’s still working and I have no real reason to change. Until I see a reason to change that will make me more money or significantly improve my photography I think I just keep shooting with this one.

Canon wireless speedlights

Why I love it…

A lot of photography purists snigger at the suggestion of using off-camera speedlights. They seem to think that you need to have very expensive and/or very large strobes. Well, I’m here to say that I have the large strobes, C stands, etc etc and when it comes time for a portrait photography session I will reach for my trusty speedlights 90% of the time. The reason is they are so nimble. You can work with them in tight spaces. You can place them anywhere for that little bit of light like a hair or rim light. They travel well, something that is well appreciated when doing on-site corporate headshots. These should be in the kit of anyone who is considering offering professional a headshot service.

Remote shutter release with Bulb mode

Why I love it…

This simpkle piece of kit lives in my camera bag. I never go out for a landscape shoot without it. There are 2 reasons that I have it.

  1. It allows me to lock the shutter open and shoot in bulb mode. This allows me to get those long exposure beauties.
  2. It eliminates the camera shake when pressing the shutter button.
  3. Bonus reason. Non photog’s will always recognize this device as a sign of a pro photographer.

Canon 16-35 mm EF L lens

Why I love it…

This is the lens that lives on my camera body by default. It’s a fantastic lens for landscape photography. This was the first decent lens I ever bought and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Canon 70-200 mm EF L lens

Why I love it…

This lens is a beast. When I say a beast I mean it’s performance and the weight. Coming in at 1kg it is best used with the help of a tripod. But when you want that beautiful portrait shot at 2.8 there is nothing better. The compression it gives is also amazing.

Camera bag #1

Why I love it…

My Pelican 1535 is my workhorse pack. It fits everything I need for both taking landscape photos and vlogging about landscape photos. 2 lenses, 2 tripods, My main camera, a vlogging camera set up, batteries, filters and more. It’s on wheels so it doesn’t kill my shoulders. And with the modular velvet & velcro dividers, I can configure the case for anything. It transforms well into my mobile headshot studio taking 3 nano light stands, 2 umbrellas and a camera kit. This piece is not cheap at nearly $600 AUD but I do highly recommend it.

Camera bag #2

Why I love it…

My sling bag is my most used bag of all the ones I own. Its always sitting close by filled with my camera, a back up battery and my shutter release. This bag is a great second bag for travelling overseas as it fits under the seat and is considered a “Laptop bag” by the airline check in staff.

Camera bag #3

Why I love it…

I think the search for the perfect camera bag is a never-ending one. But this Niko backpack by Chrome comes close. It’s small enough to fit on a plane as carry on luggage. It’s weather-sealed and quite tough. The only thing is the velcro straps on the outside aren’t worth a damn. They lose adhesiveness quite quickly and I would never attach any of my valuable camera gear there.

Macbook pro 15 inch

Why I love it…

Just like my camera, my mac is a pice of kit that I use day in and day out. Now that we live in a world where digital photography is the standard you must have a decent computer for editing photos. This mac is more than a few years old. But she just keeps working. The hard drive is going strong after all these years. Maybe its because I’ve always had external hard drives hooked up as scratch disks for editing photos and video.  As I always say “Once you had Mac you never go back” 🙂

Photoshop and Lightroom

Why I love it…

Let’s face it. If you’re going to call yourself a photographer in the 21st century you will need to edit your digital images somehow. The photographer’s subscription package from Adobe gives you the power of Lightroom and Photoshop for a reasonable price.

Peak Design quick release camera strap

Why I love it…

I only have a strap attached to my camera when I am performing one of two photography genre’s, Street photography or event photography. And in these cases this strap by Peak Design is fantastic. It clips on and off easily, it’s wide enough to disperse the weight across your shoulder muscles and it’s got a large clip for adjusting the length on the run.

Canon G7X mark 3

Why I love it…

This is only a recent addition to my kit. But with my focus for my photography business being on content marketing I needed a video camera that worked well in low light conditions. The G7X mark 3 has a fantastic sensor for such a small camera. Combined with the face tracking it works really well as a vlogging camera. I have rigged it out with a SmallRig cage, microphone and and LED light.

Sirui travel tripod

Why I love it…

My trusty tripod. It has travelled everywhere with me. All through the most challenging terrain in South East Asia, Australia and more. It never fails, it always works, I just love it.

My paper backgrounds

Why I love it…

When I do portrait photography I almost always use a paper backdrop. I have a bunch of different colors but my go to color would be the neutral grey, the reason is it’s easy to manipulate later in photoshop.

My waterproof hiking boots

Why I love it…

One of the best things you can invest in when you are starting out in landscape photography is not a $5K camera but instead a good pair of warm boots. Mine are waterproof, have thick soles to keep out the cold which makes life easier during long hours standing in one spot waiting for the light.

My rain jacket

Why I love it…

Yes, that’s right. A simple rain jacket that I bought for about $15 over 10 years ago. It works fine, It covers my arse when I want to sit down, It serves its purpose day in and day out.


I try not to be a gearhead, constantly upgrading gear and wasting money. Instead, I prefer to upgrade my skillset with online courses and hours practising my craft. Also because I do commercial work most of my photography spending is on flash gear, softboxes, tripod heads, lenses etc.

As time goes on I’ll change some of the items on this list. Keep shooting.

Will Faulkner.