About Me

My name is Will Faulkner, I’m a commercial product and people photographer based in Melbourne, Australia

My systems

I use Canon and Profoto systems at this point in time.


Maltra Foods
Aspekt Construction Group
ThePorschaDen Classic
Tibaldi Smallgoods
J+L Meats
Buxton Real Estate
Solid Property Investment
Sandridge Capital Management
Lakes and Craters Holiday Park
Daylesford Holiday Park
MICM Real Estate

Bolinda Audio
Absolute Care Health
Botanica Medicines
Melbourne Gold Company
Bayley Stuart
Fletchers Real Estate
Lord Of The Fries


Some completely irrelevant but interesting bullet points about me...

  • My wife is from Cambodia and is half my age.
  • I have a baby boy named Tyler.
  • I have broken 33 bones in my body.
  • I developed cataracts in both eyes by the time I was 45.
  • I start my day at 3 am.